“He will be able to get anywhere”: Miguel Ángel Ramírez praised Moisés Caicedo

Miguel Ángel Ramírez, former coach of Independiente del Valle, had only good words for Moisés Caicedo, especially regarding his arrival and consolidation in the Premier League with the Brighton shirt. The Spaniard spoke with the DAZN network in that country and when asked about the Ecuadorian ‘jewel’, he did not skimp on good adjectives. «I […]

“We are addicted to suffering”:

The pressure on the player and the effect of social networks are some of the interesting topics in Álex de Llano’s interview with Miguel Ángel Ramírez. The ‘canary islander’ touched the sky in 2019 with Independiente del Valle winning the Copa Sudamericana, the most important title of the Ecuadorian team. The Spanish coach and his […]

Dear Charlotte fans

As you know, I have been informed that I am no longer the team’s coach and, believe me, I will miss every minute of working with this team, always with your unconditional support. I feel that the strong connection that we have built together these months goes far beyond a contract. The festive atmosphere that […]

“Current football is leg and repetition”

Miguel Ángel Ramírez coaches Charlotte F.C. of the MLS and attends Goal in an interview before facing Inter Miami. Miguel Ángel Ramírez is part of the diaspora of Spanish football spread throughout the world. Now he trains Charlotte F. C, a newly created franchise in the United States MLS. Before, the Aspire Academy of Qatar, […]

Ramírez with Palomo: #NosPonemosLasPilas

Fernando Palomo speaks with Miguel Ángel Ramírez, coach of MLS’s Charlotte FC, from the Canary Islands, and reveals what it has been like to manage a team that has just been born. “Speaking of football from beginning to end”. The spanish coach even chooses his dream team…

Ramírez, best coach of the week for the second time in just 6 MLS games

A big Charlotte FC victory, a 1-0 home result over Atlanta United, where midfielder Jordy Alcivar’s stunning Olimpico and goalkeeper Kristijan Kahlina’s six-save shutout were the difference. That gave Coach of the Week honors to Miguel Angel Ramirez, who has the Queen City side rolling behind three straight home wins, including one in this budding […]

Win or lose, Charlotte FC promised fun football. They’re delivering.

Miguel Angel Ramírez didn’t make big promises when he arrived in Charlotte to coach the city’s Major League Soccer expansion team in its inaugural year. And he’s repeatedly dismissed any too-early talk of Charlotte FC making a playoff run despite the new team beating some of the league’s best in its earliest matches, including regional […]

Miguel Ángel Ramirez goes viral against the war

The Canarian coach from Charlotte has created an anti-war t-shirt model that has had a great impact. He wore it against the LA Galaxy at Bank of America stadium. The images of Miguel Ángel Ramirez in this match, which had worldwide repercussions, made many of the spectators and social media users interested in learning more […]