Webinar: Positional Gaming and Fixings

Recognized by his positional game style, the Spanish coach explained it on this formational encounter moderated by Luis Fernando Restrepo, Directv Sports correspondent in United Kingdom. He says that the concept of fixings is “a relationship of spaces in which the paradigm is to know how to take advantage of the spaces that the rival […]

Miguel Ángel Ramirez in ‘Canarias es deporte’

Miguel Ángel is one of the protagonists of ‘Canarias es deporte’ (Canary Islands is Sport), a program that searchs for a weekly analysis of the sports world in Canary Islands, in a detailed and calm way. In the program we can see his trajectory: He felt passion for grassroots football, but he triumphed in the […]

Miguel Ángel Ramírez, tempted by important European and American Clubs

At the end of 2020 Miguel Ángel Ramírez visits his homeland’s televisión. TV Canaria says that at only 36 years of age he has managed several clubs, has won the Southamerican Cup and is tempted by several clubs in Europe and America while he relaxes after his succesful experience in tournaments like Conmebol with Independiente […]

Unknown Ramírez jumps to Brasil

Internacional de Porto Alegre, un histórico y laureado club brasileño, aguarda expectante la llegada de su nuevo entrenador, el canario Miguel Ángel Ramírez (Las Palmas, 36 años).

Miguel Ángel Ramírez, the best coach you’ve never heard about

The exclusive British sports publication stresses that sometimes when someone has a clear vision of how football should be played and is willing to sketch it out without thinking about generalizations or clichés, the best thing to do is sit back and dive into it. “The Athletic” predicts that the reader has not heard of […]

«Leaving a Legacy is more important that a title»

The Ecuadorian daily ‘El Comercio’ interviews Miguel Ángel, one of “the most sought-after in the region”, in the ‘rayados’ complex in Chillo Jijón. The Canary Islands coach has a talk in which he reflects on his vision of the game and the tactical progress of his players in Independiente del Valle. El Comercio highlights that […]

The Independiente del Valle Miracle

In Tablero Deportivo, the legendary Spanish National Radio program, Manu Martínez, its director, Victor David López, coordinator of the Latin America FC section from Brazil, chat with Miguel Ángel Ramírez. They do so a few days after Independiente del Valle, who won the Copa Sudamericana the previous year, would have been the sensation after having […]

Best coach, better person

Miguel Ángel Ramírez explains his life trajectory to ‘The Coaches Voice’, who draws a profile of the Canarian coach. “Honestly, I never set myself an aspiration to be the coach of a top-level team. I think that making these statements becomes unreal. How many reach that last stage? Almost none”.